Scientific Observation

While this web exhibit has focused the bulk of its attention on the narrative of Franklin’s journey and its geographic discoveries, the expedition’s ethnographic and …
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Cherish Springer

Gothic Horror

Cherish Springer, an illustrator specializing in nautical themes and storytelling from Boston, Massachusetts, has focused on the search for the Northwest Passage in her most …
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A Discovery of Strangers

Rudy Wiebe won the 1994 Governor General’s Award for the complex and compelling account of the first Overland Expedition. Perhaps the only novel length treatment …
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Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage is a recently published omnibus narrative of all the major European Arctic explorers, from Martin Frobisher …
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Modern Adventures

Many people over the last two centuries have recreated parts of Franklin’s journey. The Coppermine in particular has been a popular destination due to its …
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Over the years, residents of the Northwest Territories have reenacted the fateful meeting of Akaitcho and Lieutenant Franklin at Old Fort Providence in August 1820. …
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Franklin’s Fervour

Throughout the first Overland Expedition, Franklin and his fellow officers could be found reading various religious tracts to pass the time and keep their spirits …
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Skin for Skin

Emperor of the North

Unbeknownst to Franklin, his party set sail in 1819 at the height of the brutal corporate war between the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) and the …
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My instructions, in substance, informed me that the main object of the Expedition was that of determining the latitudes and longitudes of the Northern Coast …
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The Prince of Wales

Launched in 1793, the HBC ship Prince of Wales ferried Franklin and his party from Gravesend, England to York Factory on Hudson’s Bay in 1819. …
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Franklin’s First Wife

In recent years, the Record Office in Derbyshire, England has been cataloguing a treasure trove of Franklin letters. Of particular interest have been the correspondence …
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In the early hours of August 3, 1820, Franklin’s party set out from (Old) Fort Providence for the Yellowknife River on their way to the …
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The Historic Meeting

Two hundred years ago this week, Royal Navy veteran Captain John Franklin arrived at Old Fort Providence at the base of Yellowknife Bay on Great …
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Sir John Franklin

Sir John

Yellowknife’s École Sir John Franklin High School was originally built in 1958 and currently serves as both the flagship and biggest school in the Northwest Territories. …
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